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Why Do Some Carpets Shed and Fuzz?


Some New Carpet Styles Shed & Fuzz Like Crazy, filling Up Your Vacuum Bag again and again, month after month! Unless you really like vacuuming up a ton of LOOSE Carpet Fuzz every time you vacuum, you need to learn exactly why this happens and how YOU can avoid being the unwitting victim of a Carpet Shedding Nightmare


If you have recently bought new carpet and are now experiencing a ton of carpet fuzz and shedding, then for you it is already too late. The shedding will eventually stop, but it could take weeks or even months before it does. 


Please Help! My New Carpet is Going Bald!

Is your vacuum bag constantly full of loose carpet fuzz? I get lots of emails from unhappy carpet buyers who complain about Carpet Shedding. 


If you have already bought new carpet and your carpet is now Shedding and Fuzzing like mad, then you probably have no recourse with the carpet dealer or manufacturer. 


Your salesperson probably didn't mention that your new carpet would shed like crazy after it was installed so I understand why you are not a happy camper at this point. 


While you will not enjoy vacuuming up all the loose carpet fibers, MONTH AFTER MONTH... it will eventually come to an end. It could take a few weeks or a few months depending on the carpet you purchased and how often you vacuum. FOR SOME IT COULD TAKE UP TO A YEAR!


The good news is, a little shedding will not hurt your carpet and it won't go completely bald. Your carpet was designed to do this, or should I say, the manufacturer knows this will happen and figure it into their design. You, on the other hand, probably had no idea this would happen and now you are in a panic to find out why it is happening, and what you should do next and who's to blame!



Carpet Shedding Explained...

Continuous Filament Fiber vs. Staple Fiber Construction?


What Does Continuous Filament Mean?


Some Carpets are made with a Continuous Filament fiber which is basically one long never-ending strand of fiber. 


Read the label on the back of the Carpet Sample

Carpets made with a Continuous Filament fiber will have markings of "CF" (Continuous Filament), "BCF", (Bulked Continuous Filament) or "CFN" (Continuous Filament Nylon) shown on the back of the Carpet sample. If it does not have one of these markings, then it is likely a carpet made from a staple fiber.


A Continuous Filament fiber is very desirable mainly because it virtually eliminates the Shedding and Fuzzing you typically get with carpets made from a Staple Fiber.



The Dreaded "Staple Fiber"


Carpets made with Staple Fibers use short strands of fiber from 3-10 inches long. These short strands of fiber are twisted together and then spun into longer threads of yarn.  Consumers who buy a carpet made with staple fibers are often plagued with continual vacuuming to try to keep up with the Shedding and Fuzzing for up to a year after installation.


Consumers often report filling up a vacuum bag every time they vacuum. This can be very frustrating, not to mention time consuming AND A POSSIBLE HEALTH HAZARD TO KIDS AND PETS. Pets and small children often play on the carpet and may inhale or consume loose carpet fibers which cannot be a healthy thing to do. Loose fibers can also damage or reduce the power of your vacuum if you allow the loose fibers to clog the wheels, beater bar and belt. 


Any Quick Remedies? Nope, It's the nature of the fiber....


Carpet salespeople seldom take the time to educate or inform consumers about the differences between Continuous Filament and Staple Fibers and rarely address the possibility of carpets made with a staple fiber shedding for weeks or months. It's only after the carpet is installed that the homeowner will discover the shedding nightmare. 


There is seldom a remedy offered by the retailer or the manufacturer for this problem. When the customer complains, the retailer typically tells the consumer that the shedding will eventually stop and to be patient. This is true, but it often takes up to a year for the Shedding or Fuzzing to subside. It's the nature of the fiber....



Why do they still make carpets that shed?


Why do they still use Staple Fibers today? Because it allows carpet manufacturers more flexibility when creating new carpet styles. At least that's what they say. I think it also saves them money to use these short lengths of fibers instead of recycling them. 


As with any product line, there are many different grades and qualities available. Your job is to know exactly what you are buying BEFORE you agree to buy it. That's why I created this website and offer free carpet information to consumers.


Not all staple fibers continue to shed for months. It depends on the carpet style, how well the carpet is constructed and the length of fibers used. The shorter the fiber lengths used, the more prone to shedding the carpet will be. 


Unfortunately there is no way for you to determine in advance how much a carpet will shed. You can avoid the nightmare of excessive carpet shedding by selecting a carpet made with a Continuous Filament fiber. This may also referred to as a BCF fiber, or Bulked Continuous Filament. 



 How To Protect Yourself 


Be very careful INTERPRETING what you read on the Carpet sample label! Carpet sample labels will NOT be marked as a "Staple Fiber".  They will ONLY be marked CF, BCF, or CFN to signify it is made from a Continuous Filament fiber. 


If the Carpet Label JUST says "100% Nylon" Then you MUST assume the Carpet is NOT MADE with a Continuous Filament fiber.



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What might be the cause of your Carpet Wrinkles? If you have wrinkles or waves in your carpet, find out who or what may be responsible and what you can do to fix the problem. 



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